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Channel Publishing / Platform Targeting

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AI-Based Post Production



Channel Publishing

Launch your channel today without the logistical headaches. Our in-house operations are here to take your content to global audiences.
Partner with us and we'll take care of the rest. Both Media&Tech.

→ Channel Brand Development

→ Content Scheduling

→ Publishing & Promos & Live Streaming

→ Distribution to Digital Video Platforms

→ Deal Negotiation and Technical Delivery to CDN/ Platform

→ Dedicated Account Manager, Encoding, Transcoding & Metadata Preparation

→ Channel- and Title-Level Performance

→ Sales Analysis & Financial Reporting

→ Programmatic Advertising Management

Platform Targeting

Find your place in the FAST market. Navigate to the right platforms.

Generate meaningful bran streams with distribution to global streaming TV platforms like Amazon, Roku, LG Channels, Samsung TV Plus, and more.
Take your content to greater heights with us.

AI Post Production


We got Tech to go Global

Get your content localized and ready to go live.

Demand for Asian content is hot. That's why NEW ID and SK Telecom have teamed up to help local firms export Asian content abroad to reduce time and costs.
With our co-developed platform, experience the power to automatically detect images, audio files and subtitles that need to be removed before exporting to other
nations using different languages. It will locate and delete contents that can potentially infringe intellectual property elsewhere and also feature a video scaler that can
improve video quality to 4K and/or 8K.