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Here are the top 10 weekly idols on the K-pop channel NEW K.ID for the first week of July.

TOMORROW X TOGETHER reaches #1 on NEW K.ID Idol this week! Under the same label as BTS, this group has been rising to greater fame with their English song “Magic.” The song has landed on the Billboard’s Pop Airplay List, meaning it is one of the top pop songs being played in the Top 40 radio stations across the US. TXT’s 2nd album "The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE" reached #2 on the World Albums chart and ranked 107th on the Billboard 200 chart after its release. The album remained on the Billboard 200 chart for four consecutive weeks, reaching the #5 spot on June 19th. Make sure to catch TXT on After School Club! Stream NEW K.ID now!

NCT DREAM comes in at #2. The group has now become a Triple Million Seller, selling 3.23 million copies of their 1st full album “Hot Sauce.”

Next up at #3 is CIX. These boys will be starring a new reality show “The CIX Million Dollar Kids.” The reality show takes inspiration from the film “The Six Million Dollar Man” about a man that always survives regardless of how difficult the situation and circumstances may be. CIX members will show off their survival skills as they bond closer as friends.

Following at #4 is TREASURE. YG Entertainment’s boy band shows off their singing abilities and athletic skills on their show “TREASURE MAP.” In Season 2 episode 53, it was declared “Sports Day” and TREASURE members divided in two teams- Black and Blue- to fight for the ultimate prize- a beef party. Make sure to catch Treasure Map Season on NEW K.ID! Stream NEW K.ID now!

At #5 is EPEX. After a highly successful debut, the rookie group has now successfully ended its promotion of their debut title song “Lock Down.”

DIA’s Yebin takes the #6 spot. After six years since her debut with the girl group DIA, member Yebin returns to the stage with her solo debut song “Yes I Know.” Coming in at #7 is YUBIN. Right behind at #8 is the boy band BLITZERS.

THE BOYZ follows at #9. THE BOYZ has just revealed a vampire inspired music video concept for their new song “Drink It.”

And finally, at the #10 spot this week is PENTAGON. PENTAGON member Wooseok is said to be airing in the Dingo Music’s web drama “The Guys I Want to Catch” which starts filming in August. The drama follows four aspiring police trainees who have failed their police entrance exams and also stars Highlight’s Son Dongwoon, Teen Top’s Niel.

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