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NEW K.ID IDOL CHART: Stray Kids, Super Junior, and Pentagon Dominate

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Here are the top 10 weekly idols on K-pop channel NEW K.ID for the fourth week of May.

Stray Kids rules this week’s NEW K.ID Idol Chart this week. This group has also as the kings of MNET’s KINGDOM:LEGENDARY WAR. Stray Kids was named the winner of the boy group contest program which was broadcasted on June 3rd. Through their agency JYP Entertainment, Stray Kids stated that they decided to enter into the competition so that the group can show their different sides to more people. They didn’t expect so much love and attention, but were grateful their performances were well received. Stray Kids also added that the greatest honor was to compete with a prominent group of seniors and juniors in the industry.

Next up at #2 is Super Junior. Super Junior member Ryeowook has been casted in the musical “Mary Shelley.” He will be playing Lord Byron’s personal physician named John William Polidori who both envies and admires the poet Bryon. This isn’t Ryeowook’s first time on the musical stage, prior he was cast as Aaron in the musical sitcom “On Air-Secret Contract” as well as other popular musicals like “High School Musical”, “Temptation of Wolves”, “Agatha”, and “Light Sonata.”

At #3 is PENTAGON. PENTAGON’s KINO has participated in A.C.E.’s new alum. Based on the track list released for A.C.E’s fifth mini-album “SIREN:DAWN”, KINO has wrote the lyrics and composed the album’s song “Atlantis.” KINO has also wrote lyrics and composed PENTAGON’s songs “Spring Snow” and "VIOLET", as well as Jamie's "Pick Up The Phone.

Coming in at #4 is NCT DREAM. The group will release their first full-length repackage album "Hello Future". The album will be released on the 28th, and it will be available for pre-orders at various online and offline music stores from the 8th. The repackaged album consists of a total of 13 songs, including three new songs, the title track "Hello Future," "Life Is Still Going On," and "Bungee," along with the ten songs from the first full-length album.

Following up at #5 is ATEEZ. ATEEZ will be performing on “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook” as the fictional boy band “Sparkling.” Sparkling is a boy group in the KBS drams “Imitation,” which is based on a popular webtoon about idols in the competitive K-POP industry. Sparkling includes ATEEZ’s Yunho, Seonghwa, and San, and Boys Republic’s Suwoong. The group will make an appearance on “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook” and perform their new song from the drama “DIAMOND.”

ONF takes #6. ONF partnered with Genie Music to release the Virtual Play album “ONF VP” and will be released on the 9th.The album creates a unique virtual reality experience for fans to enjoy ONF’s performances in virtual fashion.

At #7 this week is THE BOYZ. The group will release their “KINGDOM:LEGENDARY WAR” practice video. They posted their first performance practice video on YouTube. In the video, THE BOYZ showcased perfect teamwork while developing their performance concept that reinterprets "Winter is Coming" in "Game of Thrones."

ASTRO takes the next spot at #8. In recent news, ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo successfully held a global online fan meeting, which was held over two days. He sang a cover of “Aroha”, talked with fans from all over the world while playing games, completing missions and quizzes across a variety of topics.

Taking the #9 spot is BLACKPINK. BLACKPINK's "BOOMBAYAH" music video has surpassed 1.2 billion views on YouTube. This is the third time BLACKPINK has seen 1.2 billion views. BLACKPINK now has three music videos with more than 1.2 billion views. Before "BOOMBAYAH," the "DDU-DU DDU-DU" and "Kill This Love" music videos first surpassed 1.2 billion-views. Today, the two music videos still continues to grow views, surpassing 1.6 billion views and 1.3 billion views, respectively.

And finally, at the #10 for this week’s NEW K.ID Idol Chart is TREASURE. A pop-up TRUZ themed café has opened in Japan with the characters created by TREASURE members in partnership with LINE FRIENDS. The café will serve character inspired dishes and will be open until July.

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