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NEW K.ID IDOL CHART: EPEX, Super Junior, TXT Ranks at the Top

Updated: 3 days ago

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Here are the top 10 weekly Idols on K-pop channel NEW K.ID for the fourth week of June.

Welcome EPEX to the NEW K.ID Idol Chart. This rookie group is off to a great start, landing the first place SBS MTV’s “THE SHOW” for their debut song “Lock Down.” In just 15 days post their debut, EPEX embarks a huge milestone. Starting off with a high note, EPEX has positioned themselves the “next generation K-POP rookie” group. Their debut album " EPEX’s Bipolar Pt.1 Prelude of Anxiety " ranked first iTunes pop charts in Israel and second in Thailand, just one day after its release. The album recorded 33,535 initial sales and achieved the highest sales among idol groups that debuted this year.

EPEX’s Lock Down music video surpassed 10 million views on YouTube in just three days of its release, and now has nearly 30 million views. With an impressive debut all eyes are on this 4th generation K-POP group.

Following up the #2 spot is Super Junior. The group’s Kyuhyun will be coming back to the music scene with a new single this summer. As a part of his “2021 PROJECT: Season” where he releases a new single every season, Kyuhyun will be releasing a summer song called “Together” on July 5th(KST). He has previously released the song “Dreaming” in July last year as well as songs across genres like “Daystar” and “Moving On.” His new song “Together” was written and composed by the famous KENZIE. The two have worked together previously before on Kyuhyun’s first solo album title song “In Gwanghwamun”and his second solo mini-album title song "Million Pieces."

Coming in at #3 is TOMORROW X TOGETHER. This group has been gaining traction in the US with their recently released 2nd studio album “The Chaos Chapter:: FREEZE." The album entered the Billboard 200 chart reached the #5 spot on the 19th and broke the K-pop group's all-time best record since their debut by staying in the top 40 for two weeks in a row. The album also rose to the #2 spot on the World Album Chart and ranked 9th on the Top Album Sales and the Top Current Album Sales Charts. Three songs from their studio album made it to the "World Digital Song Sales" chart, the title song '0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You) feat. Seori ranked 14th, Anti-Romantic's ranked 21st, and TXT’s first English song "Magic" ranked 13th.

Brave Girls and STAYC both take the #4 spot this week. The world’s favorite group Brave Girls won the No. 1 trophy on SBS MTV's "The Show" with their latest song “Chi Mat Ba Ram." Brave Girls made a comeback with two songs “Pool Party” and title song "Chi Mat Ba Ram" from their fifth mini album "Summer Queen." Chi Mat Ba Ram" includes dance choreography reminiscent of ocean waves, making it perfect for the hot summer season.

STAYC has released a new version of the classic song “Break Away”, originally sung by Big Mama. "Break Away" was the title track of Big Mama's debut album released in 2003. STAYC members Siuen, Isa, Yoon and J released a cover video online on the 21st. In the video, STAYC members are dressed in white, black and gray, to create a more serious atmosphere. The members showed off their vocals with the trendy melodic arrangements.

Next up at #6 is BLITZERS. This 4th generation group continues to promote their song “Breathe Again” with their powerful performance and impressive “hoodie dance.”

DIA takes the #7 spot, followed by SECRET NUMBER at the #8 spot. The group has recently been selected as Spotify’s "RADAR K-Pop TOP5.” Taking the #9 spot is Yubin. And finally, at the #10 spot is THE BOYZ. The group has will be making a surprise comeback in August with their 6th mini album after their activities on Mnet's KINGDOM: LEGENDARY WAR. The boys will comeback just 11 months after their fifth mini-album "CHASE" last September.

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