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NEW K.ID IDOL CHART: BAE173, Cherry Bullet, and THE BOYZ Make it to the TOP 3

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Here are the top 10 weekly idols on K-pop channel NEW K.ID for the fourth week of May.

BAE173 moves up to the #1 spot on this week’s NEW K.ID Idol Chart this week. The group has successfully completed their promotional activities for their second album “INTERSECTION : TRACE.” This was their first comeback after their debut five months ago. With the group’s performances of title song “Loved You”, the group was recognized for stage performances which were unlike the likes of a debut group.

Next up at #2 is Cherry Bullet. It looks like it will be possible that we will be seeing more of Cherry Bullet in the upcoming months. It has been announced that the group has auditioned for MTV’s new idol audition program “Girls Planet999” which will start recording in June. The group along with several other FNC Entertainment trainees applied to the audition early this year and are still waiting for the preliminary results. Girls Planet999 is an audition program brings together participants from Korea, China, and Japan who all have the same dream of debuting as an idol group. Cherry Bullet Fans are looking forward to see whether the group will advance to the finals.

Coming in at #3 is THE BOYZ. Group member Jacob will be releasing his first mix tape “Kindle”. According to Cre.ker Entertainment, Jacob released his first mixtape "KINDLE on his birthday on the 30th. The mix tape contains a total of five songs, including the title track "HAPPY", "With You", and "BIRD CAGE."

At #4 is MONSTA X. The group has made a spectacular comeback with their ninth mini album “ONE OF A KIND”. This mini-album featured a total of seven tracks, including the title song "GAMBLER”.

Following in at #5 is SF9. The group is set to comeback with a new album in July. FNC Entertainment has announced that the group is working on their album and have just finished recording their music video. This comeback is the first time in about a year since their 8th mini-album “9loryUS”. All nine members renewed their contracts in March last year. The group is also appearing on Mnet’s Kingdom: Legendary War.

STAYC comes in at #6. This rookie group was ranked 5th after BTS, Brave Girls, BLACKPINK, and OH MY GIRL in the May 2021 Idol Group Brand Reputation rankings. STAYC stands as the highest ranking among rookie idol groups within a year of their debut, and their rise in popularity is alarming since they are essentially one of the TOP5 top idol groups representing K-POP.

ROCKET PUNCH takes the #7 spot this week. Recently, it has been announced that Rocket Punch’s Juri will be taking a break due to her health. Woolim Entertainment has stated that Juri will be following doctor’s orders and focus on her treatment and recovery. Rocket Punch will be continuing promotional activities as a group of five until group member Juri recovers.


Taking the #8 spot is ATEEZ. ATTEZ has surpassed 600 million streams on Spotify. The group broke the 500 million-mark one day before their comeback with their 6th mini album 'ZERO: FEVER Part.2. The boys broke a new record with 100 million streams in about 3 months, right before their comeback.

Moving into #9 is Stray Kids. Stray Kids can now add Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds to their fandom. In the last week of May, Reynolds confirmed he was a fan on Twitter by posting he has an autograph for Bang Chan with the hashtag #NewFavouriteAustralian”. Bang Chan responded to the tweet, saying he had an autograph ready for him as well as a few other “goodies that might suit the Red Suit.” Following, finally at the #10 for this week’s NEW K.ID Idol Chart is TREASURE.

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