Post Production

Demand for Asian content is hot.

That's why NEW ID and SK Telecom have teamed up to help local firms export Asian content abroad to reduce time and costs.

With our co-developed platform, experience the power to automatically detect images,

audio files and subtitles that need to be removed before exporting to other nations using different languages.

It will locate and delete contents that can potentially infringe intellectual property elsewhere and also feature

a video scaler that can improve video quality to 4K and/or 8K.

Media Post-Production has become essential in OTT with the theme of global.

Music Cue-Sheet

Global Validation Checkpoint 1.

Inpainting (subtitle remover)

M&E (Music & Effects)

Supernova (8K AI upscaling)

Global Validation Checkpoint 2.

Global Validation Checkpoint 3.

Global Validation Checkpoint 4.

스크린샷 2022-03-29 오후 6.22.58.png

'Woman of fire' on Variety

The article including the information of restored 'Woman of Fire'


Woman of fire (1971)

Youn Yuh-Jung's Debut film

Version with Subtitles

Subtitle Removed Version

AI Post Production Inpainting skill

Youn Yuh-Jung's Debut film is reborn by inpaingting skill (removes the subtitles) of AIPP. 

스크린샷 2022-02-28 오전 11.38.51.png

'Peninsula' on Variety

The article including the information of 'Peninsula' 8K movie trailer


'Peninsula' 8K official Main Trailer

Example of Inpainting  |  Oscar Winner Youn Yuh-Jung's Debut film (Woman of fire (1971))

back to the world through AI Post Production.

Example of Supernova  |  The Zombie Movie 'Peninsula',

world's first '8K' upscaling movie trailer through Supernova technology.